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Study, reflection, field notes

I thought I would use this journal for jotting some Tarot notes instead of founding its own online place.  Not that I need an online place for it – I do have pen and paper that work very well.  But my native tongue is Type, I must accept this.

I’m going to try cutting corners with this, too.  That is to say that I’m not going to refine my entries or give them too much structure.  The purpose of making entries about Tarot is to supplement my personal research repertoire with another tool, so that my knowledge can compound in another, new way, and be easily accessed as well.  I considered the contents of such entries to be, for example, quick notes on a single reading or, perhaps, some notes on something new I’ve learned or would like to reflect on.

To start, I viewed another person’s quick stab at a health reading for a friend.  Since I don’t often read for health, it was interesting for me to see how others’ commented on that person’s reading with health terms in mind.  I drew up the same reading for myself to further explore, with positions and cards as follows:

1. Past 6 Months: Knight of Wands

2. Present: 8 of Swords

3. Next 6 Months: 7 of Cups

4: Overall Influence/Advice: The World

The Knight of Wands takes risks, acting before thinking.  I have been pretty risky with my health, this is true, especially when I remember the effort I’ve put into studying health/nutrition.  Substance, destructive disorder, neglecting to stay as active as I suspect I need to be, etc.  But his energy is high and he isn’t easily deterred: nothing of what I do is immune from the disruptive puer eternis – I don’t want to stay too serious and restricted, like I have before.  And what the hell, am I not an early twenty-something?

The 8 of Swords is a card of confusion, restriction, powerlessness and in general, not really seeing many options for freedom.  It is true that at this time, I am hesitating to take action where I know I should.  I have been meaning to start my exercise program again, because I’ve only ever had results that were better than expected.  I also have been at odds with another core health problem of mine that I’m wrestling to make progress with.  This card would suggest that I am not trying hard enough.

The 7 of Cups with regards to health is not a good card to see.  It can indicate sloth, laziness and overall dissipation.  Letting it “go” and partying to excess are indicated in some cases.  However, coming right after the 8 of Swords (no options), this could also indicate the natural, health progression toward seeing previously-missed possibilities (lots of options).  The World after this position is also a card of accomplishment, so I am tentatively expecting the possibility of a good outcome.

The World, as mentioned, indicates completion, accomplishment and integration.  Looking at this spread in a line paints an interesting picture, too: the Knight means well but is yet immature, so he rides in the wrong direction sometimes (away from The World, after turning around at the line of 8 Swords).  But The World is still there, and he can still find his way if he keeps his spirits up.

I better remember to come back and meditate on this in the future for comparison.