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This morning I laid down, intending to get up again shortly afterward.  I was wearing my had, shoes, scarf and coat completely buttoned.  I was even wearing gloves.  Not only that, but I had my backpack on.  So anyway, I laid down and fell asleep for almost two hours.  What will become of me if I can’t get out of the house when I have class to attend?  Well, at least I had some weird dreams…

I dreamed I was on the skytrain, and that there was an unfamiliar lady sitting next to me.  She was wearing a big red coat and had fair skin.  She had long, brown hair with straight bangs and had it all tied back in a braid or something.  She had a grocery bag with her full of grocery items.  I found her friendly and actually ended up talking to her, although I did not really hear her words or what I was saying because I had my headphones on.  It was an instance of being unfamiliar with what to do when confronted with an opportunity to be social; I wasn’t sure if she was being genuinely interested in talking to me or if she was just being friendly and wanted to leave it at that, of which the latter is the usual case.

Anyway, I eventually noticed that she passed me one of her onions.  I was talking about it openly, I guess?  I also eventually decided to take my headphones off so that I could hear her better, and speak with her better.  Again, I don’t really recall what was said.

Then, after she got up for a few moments, I noticed that her onion dropped on the floor.  I picked it up for her and replaced it in her bag.  At this point, we were interacting in a very friendly way.

The skytrain stopped at this point, and I could see, and feel in the car, that we were being rammed gently by an out-of-service car in front of us.  It seemed that the automatically-run skytrain system was able to address the situation well, however, to which I commented that I would have rather it be the reason I missed school today, instead of being delivered there on time after all.  She said, “really?”

The skytrain slowly brought us around corners, which was interesting to see slowly instead of fast, as it usually runs.  When we arrived, I followed her to her campus, as she explained to me that she was enrolled in math classes.  She seemed regretful when she explained that she had to take DVST, or pre-requisite preparatory classes, before she could take the college-level math.  I told her that I could almost guarantee that I was her academic inferior as far as any Maths were concerned.  We got to her school’s front door, at which point I noticed that it was not my school, and told her that we had to part.  And we parted.

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