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I walked down a path with an old childhood friend, Krista, who is black and is actually a former best friend of mine.  We had been walking and talking for quite a while.  The path opened up to a very large, open air garden with a lot of whites, blues, greens and dark blue water.  It was enclosed by slightly-inclined, grassy slopes that, on the tops of the hills, were very tall trees.  No one else was around.  We sat at the edge of the water, on the grass, and watched the activity there.

She saw a little, blue caterpillar swimming in the water.  He was having trouble and she expressed concern and surprise that he was swimming at all.  I saw a two-leafed plant which was just two fragile stems with tiny leaves on the end of each, and I said that if I were to choose something to be in the garden, it would be that plant.  As I touched it, it moved around in the water.

Then we left.

As we were leaving, we followed the path that ran along our left of the huge garden, along the leftmost edge of it..  There was a rocky path that someone had dug out of the side of the hill running alongside the right of the path; it was studded with flat, white stones.  A few feet up, someone had cut out another area just under the top of this natural wall, and put a bunch of house-chairs.  There were about 6 or 7 chairs and they did not match each other.  They looked like they belonged in a dining room or something.  I hesitated to approach them, but someone near us, and Krista, assured me somehow that the gardens maintainer’s allowed people to sit on them.  I think Krista sat on one of them.   She also disappeared beyond the top of the hill and I followed her after considering that I would sit on one of the chairs too.

We walked on the top of this hill and a few others had joined our midst now, but I forget what they said or what they looked like now.

I heard Julia singing, but I could not hear her.  I imagined the notes where they would be located on a scale.  She was not just using her voice, but using a ‘house’ instrument of some kind that was on sale.  It was a dark-stained house with a lot of glass in it, and long, narrow strips like huge, flat piano keys (but dim and grey- cloured) that would light up as the note was played back for the user.  I was imagining the notes on a scale because at first, I was averse to hearing the sounds, but not because they sounded bad.  There was something else preconditioned in my mind to hearing music which made me immediately shrink away from it, and imagining them as they were – something that I should enjoy – in their simple, musicial notation-form, seemed to help.

Then I turned around and saw something that appeared familiar to me.  It was a very, very large, huge, dark brown house.  It was so dark that it was almost black.  It was a kind of amusement-attraction type thing that had been abandoned and was no longer in use, like the music house behind us, but much more sinister in nature.  It was a kind of haunted house, a thrill-seeker activity, in which you navigated through its myriad doors to avoid death, and I imagined you could die in many ways, however I also knew that dying simply meant you appeared again behind the house.  I had personally felt like I had used it before and had died in it, and had memories of opening a door and finding jagged spikes for example.

The front of it was lined with doors, and inside each door, another door could be opened on all 3 sides.  It was as if each door opened up into a very small closet without walls, but all doors.  It seemed to me that some of the doors were made of glass too, but none had any depth of visibility – all the glass was very dark brown or frosted.  I could also hear laughing and voices come from inside, and the sounds seemed to emanate from many different layers.  Julia had already gone inside right away, and I was a little nervous about it.  Outside, I waited with a few of the people we had arrived with, whom all seemed a little afraid by the house too.  One of the people was  short female with tan, short hair and a fair complexion.  I ran along the front of the house and knocked on a few doors, got a few laughs, and also tried to test (nervously) the laughter by laughing first at a door.

After a few minutes, I was sure that Julia had to have run into trouble by now.  I ran around the back of the house and was surprised again by how huge it was.  I looked to the top of the house, which I could only barely see, and thought about if she would be surprised when she appeared there, since I thought the roof was where the dead user always appeared.  But a kind of light appeared and started to swirl, with little gobs or orbs of brighter glowing, in addition to a sort of ringing sounding in the air, on the ground, behind the house, and I knew that it would be Julia appearing.  I also noticed that night was starting to fall.

This alley of sorts that we were in, was between the haunted hell mirror house thing, and another house, which I didn’t get a chance to look at.

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