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Don’t really remember my dreams well lately, except for random flashes and images.

Had a couple half-lucid dreams in which I saw some things that I have dreamt about before:

I was sitting beside a girl in class, and we were looking at letters that we had written for each other.  On hers, her name, which usually starts with J, started with an “E” and was something like Emerry.  She said she was quite a handful as a child, and I got the feeling that I would read more about that in her letter.

I woke up and dreamt about still being on my bed immediately, or rather, was lucid dreaming it.  I suddenly remembered that I had gotten some information before falling asleep the previous night that an alter of mine might have told me that its name was “changed”, and that it started with an “E”.  I couldn’t recall the name in the dream of the girl, so I focused on the intention of finding that letter again in my hand so I could look at it.  As I did, immediately, everything started to go much fuzzier; it was like I was being denied that information.  So I let it go.

Then I did something else in bed, which I don’t recall.  I think there was something to do with a large spider with many, many legs (30, 40 – lots) that I was trying to avoid.

I went out into my apartment and saw that the door was open, which annoyed me.  On the floor in front of the door was a ring of keys that were attached to another, smaller ring of keys.  Altogether, there must have been over 10-15 keys on it.  There were a lot.  It looked like it had been discarded.

I turned around, wondering if my landlord’s assistant had been there earlier and then had left?  I walked into the living room, which was now laid with carpet.  On the opposite wall were hanging 3 or 4, flat, metal frame-like objects and I did not know what they were.  There was also some kind of Christmas tree or two around.

The house became my mother’s house.  I went into the kitchen wearing just boxers and looked like I had just been sleeping.  There were children at the window.  I went into the dining room, where my mother’s ex and my little brothers were.  I heard from the kitchen, and then saw when I turned around, that the children were passing each other/climbing through the window.  I told them not to do that.

Julia appeared.  She called my mother’s ex “heartless” because he didn’t want to let one of my brothers play outside.

I then became very interested by something on the TV in the living room, which was quite dim and surreal-seeming.  There was a music video playing by a favourite band of mine.  It was animated in a darker style.  I can’t recall what actually took place in the video however.  I might have been singing along to it or something.  I then moved away from the TV, to the stairs.

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