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I remember being in my room and picking up my guitar and hearing it play a lot like the bass guitar.  I was intending to practise with it and did so.  It came easily and made me happy.

The room itself was upstairs and I knew my mother was downstairs.  There was light coming in through the windows.  There were shelves and other belongings scattered all over the room.  In the center, there was some kind of central, square area enclosed on the floor.  There was someone there, a man who reminded me of a famous musician, but I forget anything else to do with him now.

I’m in my school.  I’m going up and down the halls and my math teacher is nearby.  He knows I have homework to do.  I encounter his daughter in the stairway halls.  He has many little daughters.  They have long dark hair.  I also see his wife.  He and his wife both seem like attractive, busy people.  I wonder if he thinks I’m wasting my time dawdling around with his daughters when I have work to do.

I pass by one of the little girls and look down at a drawing on the floor of a ninja turtle who has been injured.  There is a large black area coloured on his throat and the little girl seems bothered by it.  She wonders out loud to me if he’s going to be ok or something.  I try to reassure her that I think he’s just fine.

I go up the stairs and see a hook on the wall to hang up a set of keys my math teacher has given me to return there. It’s directly under a large window.  I see that there is some indication that every few years, a new pair will grow back.  At this time, a new pair has grown back.  I take them and put them in my pocket and then continue following the stairs away.

There’s a hell of a lot more to this dream that I’m forgetting now…

I also recall facing two stages with Julia on one side of me.  There are many people all around.  I remember thinking back to a story of mine that was read to my class, and remember that in the story, it was mentioned how I spent time in my school choir and was even selected especially.  I felt a little embarrassed and prepared to explain how many guys entered the choir, and that it was very important that they did.

Julia and I looked to the left stage where there were many kids with large instruments happily getting ready to play something.  I don’t remember what they played.  They were wielding instruments that you might expect to be part of a rock band.

Then I heard a song of Mother Mother’s come over the speakers.  I remarked to Julia, something like, “Finally, something good”.  Only a few words came through and almost resisted my continuing with the lyrics after they stopped, “You’ve been ghosting…(something, something) tossing and turning in your sleep.  Then I woke up.  The dream woke me up again, with a cheeky line..?!

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